• Barbecue Centers Installation

  • Barbecue Centers Installation
    At Handyman Services located in Glendale, AZ, all of our BBQ islands are built to your exact specifications. As part of our custom BBQ services, our BBQ islands are customized in our factory and delivered to your home or business as a complete unit.

    Expect the Best
    When you to have built a BBQ island, rest assured we construct it from the best quality materials available on the market today. The frame is boxed in with Hardibacker™ cement fiberboard, and all seams are covered and finished with cement. We then coat the island with silicone-based stucco for maximum weather protection. We offer a variety of selections for our finishes, such as tile, marble and granite.

    Protected Islands
    Every unit that we build also has a decking base to make sure that moisture and water runoff never damages your island. Each island has a fire-retardant lining, which allows you to use the inside of the island for storage.