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    Replace a simple overhead light fixture with a ceiling fan that has its own light


    1 Turn off the electrical energy towards the ceiling light in the most important panel.
    2 Eliminate current ceiling light fixture and fixture strap in the ceiling.
    three Unscrew the old electrical box and pull it down from the ceiling.
    four Loosen the cable clamps and take away the old electrical box.
    five Set up plastic anti-short bushing onto the ends in the armored cable.
    six Attach cable clamps onto the cables.
    Secure a pancake-style fan box for the cable clamps with locknuts.
    8 Screw the fan box for the ceiling joist with the screws offered.
    9 Attach the fan bracket
    to the fan box.
    10 Assemble fan’s blades to the blade irons.
    11 Hang the fan motor
    in the fan bracket.
    12 Make the wire connections with plastic twist-on wire connectors.
    Set up the fan’s canopy, then attach the fan blades towards the fan motor.
    14 Attach the fan’s light fixture
    towards the underside of the fan.
    Install light bulbs and glass shades.
    16 Turn
    on the electrical energy and test the fan’s light and motor.